About Us

Connected CouplesThriving Families is a Family Wellness Project sponsored by aTLC, the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.

The mission of this project is:
To educate and inspire family-support professionals about healing the epidemic of disconnected partnerships in growing families.

This project is oriented toward professionals who support families during the early years of becoming parents and forming a family. The changes occurring during this transition are intense and require much support.

When support is inadequate, the damage can be destructive for the whole family and can have an even wider community and societal impact. We strive to educate professionals and offer access to solutions supporting both the professionals and their client-families.

John W Travis, MD, MPH, a wellness advocate and co-founder of aTLC and CCTF, has experienced MPAS himself along with its devastating impact.

He has extensively researched the particular dynamics creating the related breakdowns. He presents information about how to approach the transition period differently and how to heal this epidemic of disappearing dads and disconnected partnerships. The key is in community.

This project and website are tools to set healing in motion. Please reach out with any questions, for more information, to ask for support, to get involved, or to donate.

We are non-profit and donation-funded. It takes a village, and it will take a courageous and committed community of professionals to heal this epidemic.

Together we can make a difference.